Partner Offers

Partner Offers

We’ve partnered with selected sites & tools to help your business. We’ve tried and tested each and every offer available.

Business Software


Shift is the browser for work, and it’s the answer to your cluttered desktop woes. With Shift, it’s easy to manage multiple email accounts and all of your apps in one beautiful platform. Let go of the multi-tab nightmare and switch between your accounts and apps with ease.

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Bright Data

Bright Data (Formally Luminati Networks) - Proxy networks and data collection tools used by Fortune 500 companies. Used by more than 10,000 data professionals, you can view the web through 70M+ real devices. Get started immediately & start getting data in minutes.

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Email Marketing Tools


MailerSend is a comprehensive tool for your everyday business: send invoices, delivery updates, forgotten password links in seconds, without thinking about it..

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